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24 Hours in Coogee & Beyond

Clovelly Pool Sydney

24 Hours in Coogee & Beyond

So, you’ve got only a day to spend in Coogee, and you’re probably wondering how to make the most of it. Unfortunately, twenty-four hours is not a long time to truly capture the beauty of anywhere, but here is how to make your 24 hours in Coogee the best!

Book a Night with Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments

First things first, you need to arrange accommodation, and there is nowhere better than Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments. Offering deluxe studio suites and amenities like laundry, Wi-Fi, luggage storage, and being only 8km from the airport, Coogee Sands Hotel is the perfect choice for accommodation.

Breakfast at the Beach

Start your day extra early with a light but delicious menu from the Morning Glory overlooking the beach. Having a hearty breakfast that matches with the vibe of your entire trip is important.

Begin Your Walk to Bondi Beach

Let’s be honest; you’re probably in Coogee for the famous 6km walk to Bondi Beach, so it’s better if you start your walk as early as 8 AM to manage your schedule perfectly. The total walk takes approximately 2-3 hours, but you can surely stretch it by a few hours and make it a fun-filled ride by exploring stunning spots on the way!

Snorkel at Clovelly Beach

An hour into your walk, you’ll reach Clovelly Beach, famous for its family-oriented vibe and fun activities. You can snorkel at Clovelly Beach, and don’t worry if you’re a beginner; Clovelly Beach has shallow waters, so you’ll be safe. Make sure to keep your cameras out as you may even encounter the mythical Blue Groper fishes!

Explore Cemeteries and Caves at Bronte Beach

After snorkelling, set off toward Bronte Beach, famous for its scenic waters and panoramic cliffs. At Bronte Beach, you can explore the beautiful naturally formed caves that are set off at the northern end of the beach. Be careful; these mysterious caves are very small, so remain cautious at every step.

Another awesome thing about Bronte Beach is that it’s only a little distance from Waverley Cemetery. If you’re someone who’s into the Edwardian and Victorian era, or if you’re just fascinated by old graves, then you’ll probably find this scenic cemetery to be the goose that laid the golden egg!

Enjoy a BBQ Brisket Burger at the Three Blue Ducks for Lunch

If you’re planning on spending lunchtime at Bronte Beach, make sure to hit up the Three Blue Ducks for its juicy BBQ Brisket Burger. You can look up the menu for more, but if you want to skip lunch and eat something light instead, you can sip a cup or two of coffee from the local cafes.

Get your tan on at Tamarama Beach!

Only a little more than a kilometer away from Bondi Beach, the Tamarama Beach is a smaller cove that attracts the most sunlight, so this is the perfect spot for sunbathing.

Eat to your heart out at Bondi Beach

You’ll probably be starving at the end of the walk, so it’s a good thing that Bondi Beach has various cafes and restaurants, including Gusto, Green Dream, Rocker, Heart Cafe, Side Room, and more. They all offer mouth-watering cuisines which adapt to your diet, so you can enjoy a tasty menu of smoothies, salads, coffees, sandwiches, burgers, oysters, bagels, fish, chips, and more!

Swim in the Bondi Baths

One of the best ways to enjoy the trip is to hit the famous Bondi Baths, a century-old landmark that hosts thousands of tourists into its refreshing waters. It’s a family safe spot for swimming, with lifeguards and a separate area for kids.

You can explore Bondi Beach and the nearby attractions, including a helicopter ride of the whole bay. But once you’re done, you’ll probably want to head back to your Coogee Sands Hotel and snore through the night, right? If you’re too tired, don’t worry, the Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments is quite near, and a public bus can get you there quickly.

There is a lot more to do in Coogee and the immediate area. You don’t have to restrict yourself to these attractions only. Additionally, you can snorkel, dive, scuba dive, swim, surf, make sandcastles, picnic, and back at the Coogee Sands Hotel.

Have a nice trip!