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5 best things to do in Sydney during Autumn

5 Best Things to Do in Sydney in Autumn

5 best things to do in Sydney during Autumn

The days are starting to shorten, and the weather is taking on a little chill, but rest assured there are still plenty of things to do in the fabulous city of Sydney. With so many autumn activities to choose from, we’ve curated five of the most unmissable choices just moments away from the Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments.

The Sydney Comedy Festival – April & May

As Sydney’s most lavish comedy event, the Sydney Comedy Festival features over 150 of Australia’s best comedians. Offering everything from stand-up to comedy musicals, there is truly something for everyone. Venues are spread all over the city, with shows a short hop from Coogee, and plenty of public transport to ferry you around.

The festival is also a keen supporter of emerging talent. It’s been a tough time for the arts in our country, so there’s never been a better time to show your appreciation for the benefit of a good laugh!

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

For a touch of culture and romance, you can’t beat the SSO. A Sydney institution since 1932, the SSO performs up to 150 concerts a year! The 2021 season is a testament to the ability of music to uplift the spirit. In their diverse program you’ll find everything from Romanticism to the Russian Resistance, the pinnacle of Vienna’s golden age and so much more.

Add a little glam to your evening and book yourself some tickets to the Sydney Symphony this autumn. Then sit back, relax in the sheltered warmth and let the music take you on a journey around the world.

YCK Laneways new post-Covid precinct

If you’re looking for something a little edgier this year, why not take a deep dive into several of Sydney’s most iconic small bars? This newly formed precinct is home to 10 of the most cherished Sydney bars that lie within the York, Clarence and Kent Street triangle (hence the name YCK).

To usher in this new era, they are featuring a program of over 75 events this autumn. Head on over to their website and you’re sure to find something to your taste.

Be dazzled at White Rabbit Gallery

White Rabbit Gallery is renowned for its amazing installations, and the much-lauded Lumen is no exception. Absolutely stellar in its execution, this dazzling display of lights will transport you through the wonders of our universe and beyond.

Get your dose of NYC Broadway in Sydney with the mega-hit Hamilton

This worldwide blockbuster has made its way to Sydney this autumn. Featuring an all-star cast, this world-storming fusion of hip-hop and musical theatre has been a massive international success. Treat yourself to this massively entertaining experience, and let the global stage come to you this year.

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