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Explore Coogee’s Ocean Pools

Coogee Beach Hotel

Explore Coogee’s Ocean Pools

Known for its relaxed atmosphere and picturesque views, the beach town of Coogee is a charming travel destination just outside of Sydney. Some of the top attractions that bring tourists to the town are the incredible ocean pools. Coogee is home to several stunning ocean pools that make for an unforgettable day under the sun.

What are Ocean Pools?

Ocean pools are an iconic feature of the Australian coastline. These public seawater pools are situated on the coast to allow the ocean waves to splash in and fill them. Most ocean pools were once reserved for only men or women and children, but nowadays the majority are open to anyone who wants to enjoy them. Particularly popular in New South Wales where you can find over a hundred ocean pools, Coogee is the perfect spot to cross some off your bucket list.

Here are the top 3 ocean pools to explore in Coogee:

1. Wylie’s Baths

Built in 1907 by champion swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie and his sons, Wylie’s Baths is one of the most famous and historic ocean pools in Australia. Located just a short drive from Coogee Beach, Wylie’s Baths features sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and Wedding Cake Island. The ocean pool is famous for hosting the first Australian Swimming Championships and being one of the first mixed gender pools in Australia. The facilities at Wylie’s Baths feature health and wellness classes, as well as massages by the sea. Whether you come for a massage with a view or to cool off in the waters, a relaxing day is guaranteed.

2. McIvers Baths

Women and children, this one’s for you! Constructed in 1886, McIvers Baths is the last remaining ocean pool reserved only for women and children. It sits nestled atop a cliff overlooking Coogee Beach and features a clubhouse, amenities block, sunbathing area, and changing rooms. Surrounded by coastal vegetation, McIvers Baths is soaked in breathtaking scenery. Initially founded by the McIver family, the Randwick Ladies Amateur Swimming Club took over the lease in 1922 and has been managing McIvers Baths ever since. This spot is perfect for a girls day or on a family trip when you want a little quality mother-daughter time.

3. Ross Jones RockPool

This iconic ocean pool is a Coogee favourite and features stunning concrete pillars around the edges of the pool. If you’re looking for an awesome photo op during your stay in Coogee, this is the spot for it. The Ross Jones Rockpool was built in 1947 and is located right next to the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club. It features two pools; a shallow one suitable for children and a deeper one for adults. Be sure to stop by during sunset for some phenomenal views.


No matter which ocean pool you decide to explore, you can’t go wrong. They each have their own natural beauty and unique quirks that make them top tourist attractions. A day spent at one of Coogee’s spectacular ocean pools is an absolute must. For the ultimate trip, follow up your exciting day with a sound sleep at the Coogee Sands Hotel & Apartments.