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Explore The 5 Best Sydney Markets

Cambridge Markets

Explore The 5 Best Sydney Markets

During your stay at the Coogee Sands Hotel in Sydney, you may not want to lounge in your 4-star suite the entire time (although you certainly may!). Most likely, you’ll want to experience the local community, food, and shopping.

The good news is Coogee Sands is conveniently close to the 5 best Sydney markets! We listed all of them below so you can decide at a glance which one (or ones) you want to explore.

1. Paddington Markets

A mere 13-minute drive from Coogee Sands is Paddington Markets. This bustling little miniature community of more than 150 stalls is filled with just about anything you could wish for: furniture, soap, flowers, clothing, jewelry, and, of course, lots of food! You’ll also be able to admire the graceful architecture of the nearby church.

2. Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets is the perfect place to go if you love fashion and vintage – and vintage fashion! The drive from the hotel to Glebe is just 24 minutes, which means you don’t have to get up extra early in the morning to make sure you’re there by opening time at 10 AM. Here, you’ll also find live entertainment by local Sydney musicians, and plenty of food stalls to keep your stomach full and happy while you shop for your new favorite outfit.

3. Chinatown Night Market

Are you in the mood for some Chinese cuisine, art, and tchotchkes? You should visit the Chinatown Night Market on a Friday. Located 21 minutes from Coogee Sands, this bustling street is the best place to get your fix for Asian food and experience the Chinese culture, all in one magical evening. The best part about it opening up at night is you can stay cool while you shop and eat.

4. The Rocks Weekend Market

Explore one of the oldest areas of Sydney at The Rocks Weekend Market. It only takes 23 minutes to get to this magical lane by car from the hotel. As you walk the cobblestone street of the market, you’ll find stall upon stall lined with boutique gifts, accessories, clothing, and delicious food. Above you, string twinkle lights illuminate your path and outline the gorgeous city skyline. To truly get a taste of the night life and community spirit of Sydney, you must pay a visit to The Rocks.

5. Cambridge Markets EQ

For a quick bite to eat or to plan a lovely meal, which you can cook in your hotel suite, the Cambridge Market in the Entertainment Quarter is a must-see. Just over 15 minutes away from the hotel (if you’re driving), it’s ideal for picking up gourmet food items and the highest quality fresh produce.

Sydney’s Best Markets Are At Your Fingertips From Coogee Sands Hotel

If you’re new to Sydney or simply want to take advantage of everything it has to offer, the markets offer everything you could possibly want. From local food vendors to vintage stock to up and coming fashion designers, and even live entertainment, the markets will keep you coming back for more.

And so will the Coogee Sands Hotel. We’re located less than 30 minutes from each of the markets we listed above. Let us help you experience the full fun and splendor of Sydney during your stay.