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We are delighted to partner with TITAN FITNESS to offer Coogee Sands Hotel guests a gym facility just metres from the hotel.

$15.00 per day/person for full day access

TITAN FITNESS offers the following classes:


The Titan Stretch class is purely devoted to aiding muscle recovery and improving flexibility and fluidity in your joints and muscles. The classes will consist of a range of movements and stretches designed to create longer leaner muscles and increase flexibility in all areas of the body.


Meditation is the practise of training in awareness and gaining a healthy sense of perspective within day to day life. Meditation aims to encourage and develop concentration, clarity and improve your overall mindset.

Prime Movers

The Prime Movers class is similar to HIIT style of training but not as high-intensity and extreme! The class consists of various cardiovascular movements such as skipping and also resistance training with light weights and high reps. All movements performed are controlled and low-impact in order to tone muscle without risking injury!


Zumba is an aerobic fitness dance program inspired by Latin American dance and performed to Latin dance music. Our Titan Zumba class is high-energy and moves between high and low intensity movements to get your heart rate up and calories burning!

Hit 30 & 45

Their most popular classes, the TITAN HIIT 30/45 are ideal for those focusing on fat-loss and increasing their cardiovascular strength. These high-intensity interval training circuits incorporate functional training with plyometrics and bootcamp/military style exercises to recruit every muscle in your body.


In the Pilates class, the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. You will learn how to maintain a correct spinal and pelvic alignment enabling you to execute movements with maximum power and efficiency.

You will also learn proper breathing to relieve stress whilst improving coordination, balance, and core strength.


This class incorporates metabolic conditioning and several beginner/intermediate boxing techniques including bag-work and pad-work. It is an ideal class for those who want to develop their core strength through a range of fast-paced and fun boxing drills! The class also includes some shuttle-runs, abdominal exercises and stretching. It’s a great full-body workout!


The Titan Spin class is an intense, indoor cycling workout designed to put you through the paces and is guaranteed to burn through body fat like there is no tomorrow!

Take on the terrain with your Titan instructor who will lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval courses.

Their top-of-the-range Matrix spin bikes have a display that allows you to monitor your resistance level and track your distance, rpm’s and even caloric burn!

Body Pump

The Titan BODYPUMP class is a full-body barbell workout which allows you to choose the intensity and is perfect for anyone looking to get toned and build lean muscle mass. An instructor coaches you through each movement and shows you the technique which you then repeat with the rest of the class. They use light to medium weights (you get to choose how heavy) with lots of repetition to achieve an intense and thorough workout.

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