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Weekend Getaway Sydney

Weekend Getaway Sydney

Weekend Getaway Sydney

Thinking of a weekend getaway Sydney? If you have a free weekend coming up and are looking for a place to go to blow off steam and have some fun, Sydney is the ideal destination! In this gem of a city, there’s adventures to be had around every corner.

Below are some of 4 of our favourite reasons why Sydney is the perfect city for your weekend getaway.

1. Fantastic Food

Sydney boasts some of the best seafood in the world, being that it’s located right on the Australian coast. You’ll also find a variety of different cuisines from around the globe, some of which are located in world famous markets. In the markets, you can sample tasty treats from hundreds of separate vendors, or buy your own fresh ingredients to take home with you. 

2. Spectacular Sights

When you think of Sydney, you probably think of the Sydney Opera House and its iconic roof shells. But that’s just a taste of all the spectacular sights you’ll find in the city. You can also visit the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanic Garden, and mile after mile of white, sandy beaches along the coast. Not to mention the city’s stunning downtown area, and all the sweet little shops, streets, and parks in between. A perfect weekend Getaway Sydney.

3. Marvellous Museums

If you want to experience culture, science, and local history, there’s no better way to do it than visit some of Sydney’s marvellous museums. You can tour the Australian Museum, which is the oldest of its kind in the entire country, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (AKA the Rocks), and many, many more.

4. Great Hotels for your weekend getaway sydney

The key to a fabulous weekend getaway is picking the right hotel. But you don’t want just any old place to lay your head. You want a beautiful, luxurious hotel that offers high quality customer service, premier access to a relaxing spa and nail salon, a gym so you can keep up with your workout, and delicious dining options.

For all of the above, you’ll want to stay at Coogee Sands! We are a 4-star hotel located just 20 meters from the beach. We’re also only 15 minutes from Sydney’s CBD and Airport, so you can go straight from the plane to your gorgeous suite. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s conveniently located so you can experience all the best parts of Sydney.

With all the fun that Sydney has to offer with its food, sights, entertainment, and accommodation, you’ll find enough to keep you entertained for several weekends! That means you’ll just have to keep coming back again and again. When you do, Coogee Sands is here to welcome you!